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PFDesignLab was founded by Patrick Flaherty in early 2019. Although the company is new, it is the culmination of years of experience and research, and unbridled freedom to implement those assets in the best way possible for clients of PFDesignLab.


Mr. Flaherty is a multi-talented and creative Mechanical Engineer focused on bio-material development and applications. He is an expert in the applications of bio-materials and manufacturing systems utilizing bio-materials for composites, non-wovens, and compounded polymers. Early in his career, he helped to develop bamboo fiber composite technologies at a start-up engineering firm. He then became a founding member of Sunstrand, a North American bio-material processor where he continued to develop bio-material technologies. During his tenure there, he gained unique experiences as he quickly progressed through the roles and responsibilities of; Lab Supervisor, Production Manager, General Manager, and Lead Engineer. He departed the company as the VP of Product Development to pursue other industry endeavors and passion projects.


He has a diverse technical background that includes construction, manufacturing, composite material research, material testing, production analysis, and product and emerging market development. As an avid life-long board-sport enthusiast, he has a passion for board-sport applications of natural materials where he understands how to fine-tune the unique properties of the materials in specific applications for increased performance that add value to the end user.

He has co-authored a book chapter on bast fiber processing as well as several conference and academic research papers and presents at natural fiber and composite related events. Mr. Flaherty has a BS in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on polymer composites.


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